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Fat Guy on the Ultra
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T-Shirt Swap #2 Winter 2014 pairings

I have tried to honor as many requests as possible. Unfortunately not everyone got their requests, but I tried to spread them around as much as possible.

If I screwed up and paired you with some one you have traded with before, someplace you have too many shirts from, etc let me know ASAP. I will try and make it right if I can.

The next step is to contact your pair through PM, trade information and go get and send the T-shirt for your mate. Please allow at least a week for your partner to respond as many people don't live on here like some of us do.

After you receive your shirts, it's cool to post pictures of what you got, in this thread....

HELPFUL HINT. Ship t-Shirts in a bubble mailer type of an envelope. It's the cheapest postage. Avoid the small boxes. Use USPS or Canada Post when shipping cross border. Couriers such as FedEX or UPS charge huge "brokerage fees" to the receiver.

Also once you receive your shirts, post a picture in this thread.

these first few are kinda Strange, you said +1 but I had too many +1 from tx so I paired you up with 2 singles close to each other to make it work.

HoustonRonnie TX
RobidogHD Idaho

HoustonRonnie TX
avidarchers Idaho

Fartboy TX
JMG822, PA

Fartboy TX
Johnny K68 PA

TmikeX TX
MDGeorge Florida

TmikeX TX
09 Softail C FL

9lives Chehalis, WA
Gizmo FL

Delta TX
Beb, Wolverhampton, England, UK

Longbeard1 + 1 NC
Hdzx +1 ca

Hammer71 +1, TX
Bbally +1. co

DeeRides - Highlands, Tx
Taximech, Fl

Mquilty3 NC
Redman24 TX

Zelrick, Mo
Dmwphoto, Va

Silvereagle50, Ok.
kidsid99 Tn

Hondo2doc Florida

Wallyjar AL
glust OHIO

Befoe58 MI
CelticRider NY

Wrgiacona LA
alfomnh N.H

daveblev mo

kcsteve MO
P3fltEng MD

Pedalbiker, MI
Beadad MT

HD Hawk KS
S1038 +1, VA

Scourge +1 TX.
Lone_Rider Ohio

ksnfme PA
RicanGlider Colorado

pawpaw01 Tx
Skunkk In

Jmccarter CA
Steveo0429 MI

BaseballBiker IL
zman2rw AR

Narcosis Wi
Jeffforty, Pa

twistedpixel CA
Leeatgs, MO

Mr. MojoRisen
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PM sent to kcsteve

Thank you for setting this up 2010hdultra.

VA Fender Bender
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Sending PM to Zelrick. Thanks Dave!

Asylum Inmate
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PM Sent Hammer71

Thank you for the work setting this up.

Call me Gig.
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PM sent to alfomnh

avoider of idiots
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pm sent to baggerboy
and thanks ultra for taking the time to do this again!

South GA *******
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Pm received from Dave. Pm sent back. Thanks for doing this ultra. Have participated in the past and still wear the shirt now.

The Extreme Member
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PM sent to Beb. I can't wait

Thanks Ultra for setting this us up

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