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I started this on a couple other boards and got lots of hits. Lets see how it works here.......I'll start

1. I'm really Steve Brown
2. 61 years old, married for 35 years
3. 3 grown sons, two ride
4. Wife rides an 04 Nightrain, best riding partner I have ever had
5. So far to the right I make Rush Limbaugh look like a commie
6. Bought my first street bike (a Triumph) in 1963
7. Retired after 30 years with Pac Bell; SBC; AT&T (all the same place)
8. A strong advocate of the Second Amendment (I carry despite Cal Law)
9. Stopped drinking, don't smoke, try to live the clean life
10. Survived a minor heart attack, stroke, and two tours in Viet Nam.

Now you know about me, how about you????

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10 things about me?!?!?!? I'm a female, and love to talk so shouldn't I be allowed more?!?!?!?

Alright, here it goes:

1) I'm really Amy "Cupcake" Bryson :D
2) I will be 24 on December 22nd
3) I have a wonderful boyfriend, Rob, who has filled my life with more joy and happiness than I ever thought possible! I admire him for all that he is, and for everything that he continues to teach me! I am an incredibly lucky woman, and I am so thankful that we found each other!
4) I have a 2006 Sportster 883L in Glacier White Pearl & Rob has a 2006 VRSCA in Cobalt Blue & Silver (and he has a 240 kit, CFR Pipe..and lots of other chromey parts that I love!!!)
5) We got the bikes on June 1, 2006.
6) I have a 4 year old Black Lab named Beudreaux who is hysterical, and very very smart.
7) I love my Harley Leather Jacket!!! (My early birthday present from Rob!!)
8) I love to make Fudge at Christmas Time...well actually...I love the Holiday's Period!!
9) I HATE cooked carrots..and English Peas--*yuck*
10) I love, love, love, to do burnouts on my Sporty!!!:eek:

(and #11) I'm trying to find a way to *steal* Max's Turbo when he's not looking, and mount it on the Sporty!! I will replace his turbo with my SE II Slip-On's and I'm sure he will never know!!! And who cares, because by the time he figures it out...that Turbo will have me long gone by then!!!)

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OK Steve, Here goes....

1. I'm Tim Grunder
2. 54 years old and married for oh, 7 months now!!
3. Two Daughters, 27 and 25 one son 22. Two grandchildren 2 and 7 mths.
4. Wife points at rear plyon and says "I'm suppose to ride there?!" I need
a solo seat....
5. Ah, politics....I vote for the person not the party.
6. First bike was a 52' FL that I sold in 73'.
7. Still working...damn!
8. Ah, politics....I believe we have the best of the imperfect forms of
9. Stoped smoking and have been know to drink like Prohibition will start again
10. A bout with cancer in 77' one tour across the pond in 71'.

OK people, lets hear all about you. Don't leave me hanging out in the wind by myself :D

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Damn 10 things about me, might take a min to think it up.

1. Real name is Lonnie
2. Been known to talk about my bike in the 3rd person
3. Spent 5 years in the Navy 93-98 and got to bomb Iraq "real shocker"
4. I love to leave 40 foot rolling burnouts in HD dealership parking lots, especially when they are brand new.
5. Even though I'm a computer geek during the day time I can turn a mean wrench on my V-rod.
6. I dislike the Commonwealth of Virgina about as bad as anyone ever has.
7. I love to go home to Texas and shoot guns and drink beer with my dad and brother.
8. Been known to throw a dollar bill or two with good friends if you know what I mean.
9. My dad used to call me Bullwinkle when I was a kid, don't ask me why!
10. I spend wayyy to much time and money on my V-rod, but thats gonna change with me starting a Buell/mutant project.

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1- I've been married to my wonderful wife for 17 years.
2- We are both 50 yo and still work.
3- I own my home and almost all of my toys.
4- I like cruising at high speed for long periods of time,moreso on bikes than in cages anymore.
5- I own a pile of motorcycles and a drag truck.
6- I really enjoy my occupation as a transmission rebuilder and have a small business building custom transmissions at home.
7- I've been sober for over 5 years.
8- I'm the horniest person that ever walked.:p
9- I love dogs.
10- I can't wait to see Lonnies Buell/mutant project.

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Ok, here goes
1 - Fantastic wife of 28 years - both are 51 -first date was on a Motorcycyle
2 - Daughter and 7 year old granson (PAPA can do no wrong!)
3 - Co-owner of a Chemical Manufacturing company - so I am still working
4 - 1st bike - 1975 Yamaha 500
5 - Own two houses (one for daughter and grandson) + many toys - no debt!
Cleanest garage in the neighborhood - neighbors give me heck about it,
but they come over to drink beer while razzzzzing me.
6 - Love my Infiniti FX45 and my wifes Audi A6 4.2 - love to look at all cars,
and yes drive fast (no tickets in over 15 years - hope I don't jinx myself)
7 - Golf - a great passion - two identical sets of golf clubs - keep one set
at the Golf Club, so that I can ride the Harley to the club to play golf
8 - Hate snow - go figure that I live in the North where we average about
90-100 inchs of snow each year - family & work keeps me here (oh well)
9 - Very inquisitive mind - always absorbing knowledge/information
10 - And last but not least - love the Harley atmosphere & varying ideas and
types of people

A few pictures of the toys (and garage) can be found at:

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1. I am really Steve Fisher
2. I am 56
3. I joined the Navy in 1969
4. I retired from Federal Civil Service after working for the Navy for a total of 36 Years (4 years in, 32 more working for Mother Navy).
5. I have an 06 FLSTFSEE
6. I have an 06 VRSCSEE
7. I have a daughter 34 and a grandson 7
8. I have and aversion to snow, that's why I live in SoCal
9. My first bike was a 1973 Sportster that I kept and rode for 30 years
10. I like riding my Fatboy and I like riding my VROD even more

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my 10 things

Ok my turn
1- my name is really spelled Brooks (friends and family call me Brooksie) because my dads name is Brooks as well.
2- my wifes name is Kelly
3- we have 2 great kids
4- Im originaly from WV where I love going back to
5- Im a project superintendent for one of Va Largest construction companys (WM Jordan Company)
6- Like Lonnie (bullwinkle) :rofl:, I love to shoot guns and drink beer with my dad
7- I now have 3 bikes and like most would like to have more
8- I work way to much and to hard but I also play just as hard
9- Im 35 years hold
10-I hate winter

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Hmm..this doesn't feel like a very good idea... identity theft and all that..
oh well..

My name is Nathan G. I am a Harley addict.

I've been married 35 yrs, My wife and I are both 55.

Two grown married sons, One g-daughter, 2nd g-child on the way.

Wife bought a new Vette in 2005, I bought both 95" LowRider and V-Rod to keep up.

I last rode in 1980. It was a very long 25 year wait to get back to HD.
Moved to Texas from Ky in 1980.

I am a computer support system engineer, remotely upgrade
mission critical systems in production all over the world.

Big time into guns, do lots of reloading, shoot A LOT, have my carry permit,

Current 32 mile ride to work, soon 42 mile, on 2 wheels when not wet.

Been off my bikes this last week, showing off a new Arrest-Me Red GTO.
6Liter 6sp 400hp Yikes! Last one till 2009, What a steal.
Anybody looking, gotta check one out, they're almost giving them away.

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My 10

1. real name:-David Knight
2. age:- 56
3. been riding bikes since 16.
4. divorced
5. son David 27 also biker(GSXR750) and daughter July 24(a snob)
6. partner Sandra (loves the whole Harley scene)
7. live in Biggin Hill Kent England
8. play drums,guitar and piano. was in band years ago
9. now self employed handyman/decorator out of rat-race after a lifetime of datacomms with BT,France Telecom,Viatel,AT&T.

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1. Name's Kevin
2. Age - 38
3. Been riding off and on for about the last 15 years without incident (knocking on wood).
4. Very happily married to Lisa for going on 12 years
5. In March of this year we OFFICIALLY adopted a 4YO girl and a 6YO boy (siblings) and they are God's gracious gift to us.
6. Currently live in Arlington, TX but making the transition to East Texas
7. I'm a Native Texas and proud to be
8. I'm an avid Cowboys and Longhorns fan
9. I spoke spanish as a first language
10. We own two Dalmatians which shed like MAD!!

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1. Real name is Kurt
2. Age: 51
3. Raced minibikes at 14, been riding bikes since 16
4. Divorced
5. Two sons, 24 & 21
6. One grand daughter
7. Partner - Leslie
8. Live in Milwaukee
9. Speed freak - own a '59 Chevy Apache with a built small block
10. Ex cop who now works in the corporate sector

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1. Ray
2. 45
3. Vet, Airborne, some time in 2nd 75th Ranger batt. and semi regular grunt in a rapid deployment unit.
4. Love Speed, motorcycles of all kinds, classic hot rods, 65 Chevy II Super Sport. NHRA, Roller coasters, Skiing, Rafting, cliff diving, all things outdoors, basic adrenaline junkie.
5. As a result of #3 love to shoot things, blow things up, fly beneath the radar. But no one knows so don't tell. LOL
6. Married 21 years, seems way too frickin long sometimes, or as I am apt to say occasionally "since the earths crust cooled", but see #7
7. 4 kids, the absolute loves of my life.
8. Done a little bit of a lot a stuff employment wise.
9. Way to much schooling, but will probably always be taking some kind of class, love to learn.
10. Love animals, don't believe they have rights, other than not to be abused, by humans. And thats not really a right just shouldn't happen.
10. A true dichotomy of a person, an inverted bell curve kinda guy. Don't have much time for the mediocre middle.
10. Can't count.

11. Normal is not a real compliment :D

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1. Name is Karl Scott
2. 36 years old according to my birth certificate, although it has been suggested to me that my maturity levels are still catching up. The people who say that are big poo poo heads.
3. I ride a v-rod (03 A with various mods), but it competes with ny Kawasaki STX15F JetSki and my surfboard for attention and my free time.
4. Married 10 years this Spetember to Roanne, the love of my life, and we have 3 kids, Chelsea, 8, D'Arcy, 5, and Jude, 2.5. I love my family. They are my rock and the greatest joy in my life, bar none.
5. I love the ocean. I love being in it, on it, carving it up, floating on it, swimming under it. I love the ocean's creatures. I have always lived on the Coast, and grew up living on the water, in a place called the Gold Coast. I was a mamber of a Surf Life Saving Club from about 7 years of age, and was an active lifeguard with Northcliffe Surflifesaving club, just near Surfers Paradise.
6. I love making deals happen, stitching it all together and watching new businesses grow.
7. I love Rugby Union (it's football guys)
8. I like hammocks on balmy days with the sound of kids playing in a pool and palm trees overhead in a blus sky. This is my back yard.
9.Riding my motorbike is like therapy because I don't think about other things when I am riding. It clears my head and destresses me.
10. I would like more time, rather than more money.

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1. Terry McCarthy
2. 46 years young, that's gone quick!
3. Ride a Street Rod, Buell Ulysses, Kawasaki trailbike and Yamaha FX160 watercraft. Love boats and the water nearly as much as bikes.
4. Married fast approaching 17 years and loved every minute. Son 13yrs, daughter 9 years. Wife and kids are my raison d'etre
5. Ex LEO with 22 years including 10 on bikes. Ex Rider Training Instructor and Red Knight (Army MP motorcycle display team) team member.
6. Work gentleman's hours as a PI.
7. Ride all year round. (by Aussie standards my home state can get cold, by European or North American measures it is very mild)
8. Favourite de-stress is going for a ride.
9. Big believer in "we only get one go and this is not a practice run."
10. My next goal is to get my wife licenced and on her own two wheels.

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1) Real name: Tom
2) Real age: 55
3) Riding since '71
4) USN '69-'71
5) Petroleum geologist in real life
6) Still with my first wife, married 30 years
7) One son, 28
8) Love old bikes, love to tinker and wrench
9) Also love to hunt birds and shoot clay pigeons
10) Just not in a real big hurry any more--cruising is OK with me


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#1.. My name is Jim Cullen
#2.. my first bike was a '72 Kawasaki 100cc street/trail in '73
#3..2nd bike was a '48 FL :D
#4..50 yrs old with a 20 yr old son
#5.. Divorced
#6.. been a trucker for almost 30 yrs
#7.. LOVE my S&W.357! also have a carry permit
#8..been out of bikes for 25+ yrs till 3 yrs ago
#9..recovering from a cager pulling out in front of me now with dbl compound fractured leg
#10.. Honda VTX destroyed..looking into either a Night Rod or Dyna Glide :dance

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#1 Joe is my real name
#2 I hate the Mo Co's attitude
#3 Freedom fighter (if I have to explain,to bad)
#4 Bikes I have previously owned 81' Honda cb750 84' Suzuki GS1100es 86' Suzuki GS1100e 90"Suzuki gskr750 94'Suzuki gsxr1000 72' Hd xl1000 84'Hd xl1000 86' Hd xl 883 86' Hd Flst 85' Hd fxst 2004 Ducati monster 900 Thats about it.
#5 Bikes I currently own 81' Honda CT trail 70 99' Hd electraglide 06, Hd vrscr 82'Yamaha xs650 rigid
#6 I am very simple. All I know about is motorcycles!!
#7 I work as a diesel mechanic.
#8 single and never married. ( Polygamist)
#9 I love going fast.
#10 I love doing burnouts and smoke shows.

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1. Real name is Lee
2. Marketing Manager for a US Auto Company
3. Widowed - was married almost 23 years
4. Have two Boys.... Age 21 and 23,,, 21 is a senior at Penn State. 23 going back in the army...
5. Build Hot Rods as a hobby... current project is 32 Highboy
6. I am 47
7. Have a 2004 Vrod and a 2007 Ultra Classic
8. Love All Things Disney....
9. Live in the Philly burbs
10. I understand why a dog sticks its head out a car window!

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1. Name is Ken
2. I am 26 years old.
3. Live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
4. Married for 5 years and have a 3 year old son.
5. I am a licensed Respiratory Therapist.
6. I also am an AMSOIL Direct Dealer that loves to help out fellow riders. http://www.modernoils.com
7. I have 2 Boxers named Harley and Lola.
8. I currently ride a 2003 VRSCA
9. There is a passion I have for anything that burns fuel.
10. I am looking forward to all future V-rodforum rallies.
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