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well last weekend was the Atlantic HOG rally and two of the events I attended were the Test Rides and the show and shine
I test drove 6 bikes. I went with the intention of trying a street glide, the breakout and the freewheeler (trike) I tried all three of these bikes and while waiting for my turn on these three I also rode a sportster, a dyna with apehangers as I have always wanted to see what apehangers are about and I tried the 500CC baby bike.

I liked the street glide due to the radio and I must admit it was comfortable and had a nice ride but I cannot get over the bagger mental aspect. The breakout was nice and comes with a 240 out back but the bike I enjoyed the most was the freewheeler. If I ever get to the point where I have balance issues this could be a consideration. I have had two trikes in the past a t-rex and a spyder. I loved the t-rex but could not afford the insurance (close to $2000/year) The spyder was very nice but not DIY maintenance friendly and the local dealer was an Ahole. I have driven many sportsers in the past and have owned a few so no big deal with that bike it was just available for a ride and the gas was free. The dyna with the apehangers had a great paintjob (old school silver metalflake)but I prefer my Fatbob. the 500cc was very light and nimble and would make a great entry level bike or a bike for commuting around town.

I guess when I get over the bagger mental block I have the streetglide would be the one I would look at however I would have to mod the crap out of it as that is what I do with all my bikes.

I entered my Fatbob into the show and shine and took third place in the category I was entered into (Big Twin) There were only three bikes entered in the category mine plus two basically stock Dyna's. I had a lot of stuff on mine, custom chin spoiler, custom air cleaner cover (both made by me), aftermarket pegs and grips, custom derby and inspection covers (flaming skull to match my ac cover and horn cover, flaming skull brake inserts, bar end mirrors, Harley distressed leather seat and some other stuff as well. I figured i would have taken at least second place but after the judging the judge that looked at my bike told me that as nice as it was, he could not take into consideration any of the customizing I had done to it as they were just judging the stockness of the bike in this category. I thought that this was a little ridiculous as if that was the case maybe they should just go to a dealer floor. I have never heard of a show judging stock bikes. Oh well live and learn
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