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Check out the site - www.nomads.org.za - been organising it for years, buit it was banned for ten some time ago 93 I think re-opened.

My bikes been runnning like shite lately, so I spent some time tryina get it better, and thought an oil change would do it, some minor oiling, lubing and adjusting. Didnt work - bike ran smooth, but the new oil, some Shell helix concoction of sorts which works the bomb on air-cooled coz its so slick, aint no good for unit construction and cluch in same cavity.

Long and short of it, had planned to depart early - like 6 am friday morning, but being festidiously mechanical minded and not wanting to worry and concern myself with irrelevacies of slippage all weekend, and rather desiring to concentrate on the disastrous spillage and alcohol abuse - I opted to rip the pipe off, peel the cover back, disassemble and inspect the clutch.
All the bleeding and lever modification from the night before had not helped.
Needless to say, we were re-assembled and ready to hit the road without fitting a new set of plates - why?? I didnt have any!!!! So why take it apart in the first place then???? Just to chase doubt away and have peace of mind!!!

Well, the ride up was awesome and fast, the time there, in the tent, in the rain, in the sun, in the wind, at the sea's edge and the fresh smack of ocean all day and all night was unbeatable! A totally good time all around.
Tho I have to admitt the inability to show off, burn some rubber and make the HD voice heard at a predominantly non-American-made gathering was slightly disappointing. But we made an impact, and made it all the way bake without mechanical issues.


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