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There an empty barstool around Fairfax, VA?

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Former Marine, Former EMT-P, current bar manager, and wannabe since I can't remember when. Caught myself in the "lifes too damn short" frame, took the BRC and landed this lovely girl. 07 Street Bob.

This is the top.. the pinnacle... the Cohiba...the Mont Blanc.. 1550+ ccs' of gut-rumbling, soul liberating, performance tuned, pipe thundering Harley Davidson goodness.

I call her the "Trophy wife".

So freaking new, I don't even know what questions to ask. Yet. But sooner or later.. see ya'll out there.


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glad to have ya neigbor
Welcome from North Texas...Live free or die trying
Welcome Thank You for your service. I'll be looking you at Rolling Thunder.
Welcome from Baton Rouge! Good intro--now it begins....

Welcome to the Forum

Congrats on the new bike

Thank you for your Service

Welcome from Fredericksburg, Brother in Arms, Navy here. Follow this forum, plenty of fun and knowledge in this house!
Welcome from Conway, SC. Nice intro, and thank you for your service.
Congrats on your "Trophy wife".

Welcome from College Station, TX.
Welcome from west central Wisconsin, and congrats on the ride.
Semper Fi devil dog!

Welcome from Western Colorado.
Congrats on opening a new chapter in your life.
Greetings from the Left Coast. Trophy Wife, how appropriate. Ride Safe
Greetings from Fburg! The wife calls my bike the mistress. Plenty of bar stools down this way too! Welcome to the forum!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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