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1310? Must be a rare evo... :unsure:

Sad to say neither of my sons ride.
I would put the original tins back on Red & White colour scheme (y)
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Vehicle

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive fuel system Vehicle

This was my Softail I sold to a German guy he flew over to England I met him at the airport we loaded it into a truck then I drove so that he could catch a ferry to Holland where his wife was waiting with a trailer to head back to Germany.
We kept in contact for a a couple of years before my internet provider closed down so I lost my email account back then and lost contact .
That softail Nostalgia was a 1996 version originally Misteck Green and silver but I hated that colour so had it sprayed in 1945 colour scheme Strawberry & Cream I had a lot of work carried out on it upgraded engine from 1350 to 1550 lots of Chrome it did look the dogs bollocks and got a lot of attention when I parked up .
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