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Tire Question

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Will a 150/80 16 fit on a 2007 Deluxe? Standard tire is MU85 16.
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I run a MU90B16 on the back of my 06 RK. That's pretty close I think?
will a 150/80 16 fit on a 2007 deluxe? Standard tire is mu85 16.
mu85-16 = 140/90-16 or 140/80-16 (Its an in-between size)

I went from the stock 150/80-16 to a 160/80-16 Metz ME880 which was listed as a no mod fit on the Metzler website at the time, and I have some slight rubbing on the left side.

The oversize is no longer listed as a no mod fit on Metzler's website.
My wheel is offset to the left and I worry about rubbing on that side as well.
Acroding to Dunlop the MU85 is 5.51" wide. The Tire I am looking at (150/80) is 5.91" wide so .2" per side (approximately 13/64 per side). I can get my fingers between any areas that it would rub so I think I should be safe. I think?
i think the 150/80/16 is 6 1/2 wide on a Dunlop . and the 140 /90 is 6" wide if i remember right . i think the 140 is a little bit taller tho.
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