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94 road king,It wobbled around turns . Not fun. Felt like the swing arm had a mind of its own, A real flexible flyer .
The swing arm rubber was completely distorted and engine and wheel were leaning to the left.
Redid all the rubber parts, hemi joints , engine mounts , etc last spring cause it road like crap.
Lined it all up with strings and laser lights .

OK road it all summer . Was a LOT better.But far from steady or holding a line.
It still felt a little loose in a hard turn.
Someone recommended Tour link.
I bolted it on this spring and VIOLA ! Thats the deal!
I recommend it or something like it to make the rear end follow the front.
What a huge difference!
As of right now this is the most confident I have ever felt on any Harley in any hard turn.

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Thanks for the advice.
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