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Trike Comfort - Or, when do you know it's time?

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I'll try and keep this quick and dirty because I'm usually longwinded. Just turned 51 last week. I AM able to ride my 2022 FXLRST, but I've recently started considering 3 wheels for the following reasons (When I say 3 wheels, I specifically mean a TGU. Like the Road Glide 3, but want storage and a proper throne for my queen to sit on while traveling):

  • Multiple health issues (most tied to military/Persian Gulf service) that are troubling (eyesight/tinnitus-hearing loss/arthritis in both wrists and hands/minor balance issues (not while riding) and may get worse in a hurry
  • I want to start laying down serious miles. Have a goal of 20K this year regardless of bike, so I need something comfortable.
  • Bought the wife her first big bike, a Rebel 1100. If we travel together long distances, we'll either be trailering or riding on 3 (she refuses 2-up on 2 wheels)
  • Part of me says it's better to cut to the chase now. I know it may be a few years (minimum) before I need a trike, but the logical side says just switch to a TGU and deal with the fact that I'm not the badass I used to be
More specifically, for those who came from touring models or cruisers that were set up specifically so they could do touring:

  • Is the trike more comfortable than say, a Road Glide Special or Limited or a Street Glide Special or Ultra?
  • Was the transition difficult?
  • Did you have any regrets - thinking you switched too early and should've held out on twos longer?
I typically don't care what other people think, but for anyone who switched to 3 prior to age 60:
  • How was your reception by other bikers? Did you deal with a lot of crap?
  • Are you glad you did it when you did?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm really struggling with this so info from those who know would be great. My heart says fight it as long as I can, but my head says sometimes it's better to admit you ain't got it anymore and move on with what works best.
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Thanks for the reply, Top! It isn't so much what everyone else thinks, it's more the fact of me actually admitting that this is likely my future, even if I delay it a little more.
I turn 70 on the 1st of April this year. I've been seriously concidering
a trike. My balance and motor skills are not what they used to be. I've been having issues with my 01 Fat Boy not wanting to stay upright. I don't have the same problem with my 2011 Road Glide. I think i've become complacent with my familarity of the Fat Boy, I've had it 22 years now..
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