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trouble finding sissy bar and luggage rack for 14 sgs

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Just got my new street glide which came with the 4 point docking hardware. I am having trouble distinguishing between the parts which are or are not compatible. Most of the sissy bars don't look like they work with it. Is there an adapter that I need? I have been looking mostly on jpcycles but any suggestions on a good site would be nice too.

Thank you for any help
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I have both the standard sissy bar and a luggage rack for sale in the classified that will work perfecto they are HD brand.
Sissy bar not listed for sale yet but I will give specifics if wanted.


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Harley has a few different style sissy bars. You don't use all four points with a sissy bar. Just the front and middle sets. Try Drag, Kuryakyn or even Amazon for other styles.
I may be interested actually! i will have to look through the classifieds better now that you mention that.

my problem however is how can you tell what is compatible with the docking system? do they all come with the correct docking hardware?
Well I know for a fact these work because mine is a 14 SGS also and the 4 pt docking on touring bikes is the same from 09-now.
i will ship it all to you Sissy bar,(no backrest pad included) and airing rack with added brake light and harness for 275.00. just let me know. most folks around here can vouch for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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