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Trouble with Blacky. Service etc thread.

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Over the last few weeks I fix something on Blacky ride a couple days and somethin else breaks. First was a new rear tire. Then compensator needed retourqued. And now exhaust studs are breaking. Had to trailer it to our garage last Monday. Been trying to keep it going til the bad weather starts. Have a riding camping trip planned this weekend, guess I'm riding the sporty. Ugh spoiled since I got the king.
Anyway will be tearing into the king over the next couple weeks.
Do list:
Remove heads and have broken studs replaced.
Replace missing tranny to exhaust mount.
Do brakes.
Murder any rough looking covers.
Redo compensator with locktight.
Paint tins.
Perform overall service.
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Sounds like #2 is the reason you have to deal with #1.

Why #6? Damage or new color?

Remove heads and have broken studs replaced.
Ditch the OEM studs. These and a dab of Neverseize. World's Best Locking Fasteners & Locking Nuts and Bolts STAGE 8
Never worry about them again. :nod

Agreed. 2 = 1
Thanks TS I think so too. Going to have a machine shop do the studs. My local indy recommended. Painting dark flat olive and blacking out some of the trim. Mild rat look. Hopefully easy to keep clean. Thinking about having the wheels powdered charcoal or almost black green satin down the road.
Got the heads torn off Blacky yesterday.
Decided to just fix what's needed and get her back together for now. Got a bunch of new stuff coming up at work so bad timing to have her all torn apart.
The engine looks real good and clean inside. The cylinders are in fantastic shape for 30k. Hopefully get it back together next weekend. Ride today.
Not alot of picture's I'll try to do better on assembly.


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Reassembly today.
Hope I got what I need.


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Reassembly today.
Hope I got what I need.
NOPE you got the wrong stuff there you need COORS reg not that light crap. hahahahahaha
You need a craft beer. Damn that horse piss stuf :cheers
A nice lager is the best for when wrenching on your bike.
I like the keystone or coors light when I'm going to be drinking a few during the day.
Blacky's all back together and running, I kind of got in a zone wrenching and forgot to take pictures.
My buddies four year old hung out most of the the day in the garage with us watching me and college foot ball.
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