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Ultimate Seats

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Can't help ya there, Ronnie. Looks like good quality though and about the same price point as Mustang seats. I have a wide single Mustang seat on my Road King.
Don't know anything about them but that .ca means that's a Canadian company and there may be shipping cost issues.
They look nice. I am zeroing in on saddleman myself.
I have their 2 piece Tall-Boy seat(6'5") for my 2014 FLHTK. It has been a great seat through the first 1000 miles. I have the backrest with it and it the whole setup is well made.
For my money this is the best seat ever. Had one on a Road Star back in 2005. Moved up to 2010 Ultra Classic thought I would try a mustang but changed it out to an ultimate. In 2012 traded up to a FLHTK. 166,000 kms = 103,148 miles on Ultimate Seats. Can ride longer days; however, you do have to cover them as they are not waterproof -no plastic under the leather/vinyl - but they are not as hot due to no plastic. My 2 cents.
Thanks for the feedback. I pulled the trigger and it arrives on Friday.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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