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Seems like the signs used to say:

"Unsafe to pass when solid line is in your lane."

Now I'm sure it says "ULAWFUL" -- Unlawful to pass . . .

My take on it, as an outlaw biker on a Hawg, is that I can see if I have room to pass, besides which, I'm not hardly going to cross over into the other lane to get around this dawdling clown car in the first place.

I check the mirrors to be sure I'm not being followed (by police). Then I check for oncoming traffic and sufficient room to pass -- sometimes this means catching up to the dawdling cager at 90 mph.

And we blow around them. Nobody is surprised; they hear me coming around them. Most pull over to give me room in their lane. Never been aware of anyone getting pissed by this move.

Parents think I'm ferocious looking, full black leathers, black bike, long hair, beard, Bowie fixed blade on the belt. Their kids think I'm Santa Claus. :D
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