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Upper fork slider help

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Anyone give me som tips/details on removing and installing upper fork slider covers on 2014 street glide. I assume that the fairing had to be loosen up and the tire and girls removed.
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You talking about the cow bells?

Remove outer and inner fairing.
Remove tire, fender, and brakes.
Loosen lower triple tree.
Slide out forks.
Attach cow bell to lower triple tree.
Yeah the cow bells... When I put my handlebars on all I needed to do was push the fairing back enough to reach the trees. So with Harley's I inly need to loosen the pinch bolts to drop the forks out? That doesn't seem to bad. I need to get the torq specs before I do this. My Honda I had was easy I had to loosen the caps on top of the forks then loosen up the pinch bolts and they fell right out.
I believe you need to remove the caps as well.
I believe you need to remove the caps as well.

Thanks, was debating what to do. Change them to black cans, paint them, or wait for 2 piece cover to come out.
Man should I just do the lowers while I am at it? Not sure how hard that would be.
Yup, now would be the time to do that as well if you're considering that.
Easy peasy remove caps remove the allen screw at the bottom of the lower legs and pull the tubes out then reverse with new chrome lowers.
Thanks, what about fork oil how much?
Gotta measure the fork oil with a fork oil pump. Fill the fork then suck the excess out per spec for your model.
Would also be a good time for Progressive Monotubes.
Don't know if much has changed thru the years, but you will need a pretty long allen wrench for the lower tubes. I think I was just barely able to reach mine on my 94' heritage with a 6" one.
Anyone have the torq specs for the 14 street glide? Need to know the torq for the nut for the front axle, triple tree pinch bolts and the pinch bolt on the bottom lower forks.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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