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I have been contacted by Harley Davidson Sales and Service in Napoleon, OH.

They would like to know if we would be interested in doing a 2 day seminar on the VRSC line of motorcycles.

They have proposed doing things like a Dyno Seminar, Bike Detailing Seminar, Accessories Seminar, General Maintenance Seminar.

If you have any ideas for topics that you would like to see covered, please post up.

If you would be interested in this 2 day activity, please post up.

Hotel rooms would be available just down the street from the dealership. A guided tour of their HD museum would also be included.

This is just an idea that they had bounced off me, and I thought I would send out feelers to determine if this is something that the membership in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana regions would be interested in.

Tentatively this could happen in March or April.

This is their website. Link Here.
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