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Weekend of discovery

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Decided it was about time I got those French flies off the Limited.

While it was soaking in "Rhino Goo", I finally convinced myself that the kickstand *really* *does* lock in place.
Tried out my new coaster, too. The raised ridges work really well.

It seemed a little reluctant to start after three weeks, so I set about finding the battery pigtail.

Discovered how easy it is to remove the saddlebags. :) And to clean behind them.

Sidepanel off, found the pigtail, discovered it won't connect to an Optimate or a C-Tek plug. :-(

Ordered an extender which I will splice onto a C-Tek extender thereby avoiding inflicting butchery on either the Limited, or the charger.

Also ordered a kickstand extender, as sometimes it's a little tricky to find.

Six months on, it's starting to feel like *my* bike, rather than *a* bike, if that makes sense.
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The more you ride it and work with it, the more yours it'll become!
What are French flies?

I picked up a French "lady" one night, but her flies, were more like gnats. I couldn't tell which of her hairy areas smelled worse.
What are French flies?
Bugs all over the fairing (and screen, forklegs, lower covers) from our recent trip to France.
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