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What carb should I use?

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Hello im new to the forum and have a few questions. .. I recently got a 1983 super glide with a 94 built and stroked engine it's running a pretty much stock cv style carb jetted with a 190 main and it runs fine just cruising but at times it spits back out the air filter and doesn't idle well and takes few seconds to idle down when gassed on... I only run high grade gas.. I also noticed that the slide piston isn't working properly. .. should I just run a old style carb on it or fix my current one?
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Fix your current carb. The CV is a good carb.
JReplace with new I take seals, and rebuild carb. What pilot jet? Should be a 48. Check slide diaphragm for leaks.

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Here is the slide piston it has a good diaphragm no holes or rips yes it's a 48 pilot jet.. The bike has points Ignition I plan on switching it to electronic ignition soon. But thats another thread... lol ... a guy I know said cause it has points Ignition the vacuum line on the backside of the carburetor shouldn't get used and is capped off and the slide won't work unless I have electronic ignition.. I don't believe that... also my slide piston doesnt move when I ride it it has 5 air holes and the hole for the needle. .


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Could that be the reason why its not working cuz it has so many holes in it all the other bikes I've ever seen only had the needle hole in one air hole
Slide works on vacuum. You don't need vacuum hoses cause you lack both a VOES and a vacuum operated petcock.

What is an issue with performance with points are the advance weights behind the points plate, that are known to seize. That will cause crappy performance and spitting.

Best points are for 1960s-1973 Chevy 250 inline 6cyl Blue Streak. If you can find them.

Points gap is .028-.032". Lean more towards .028"

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That slide is a dynojet power slide.....not OEM.

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Should I change it to a stock slide.. the engine was just built with less then 4500 miles on it.. it has edelbrock heads stroker crank all the good stuff but it just doesn't preform as it should with the carb acting up and the ignition. .
Nothing wrong with that slide. I'd replace intake seals. How fresh is fuel? As well....check points weights and points gap.

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As well.....hopefully not suppression wires and plugs with points. How fresh is coil?

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Ok I'll keep the slide I'll have to check and replace them seals tomorrow... fresh fuel I just put high grade in last week new coil plugs and wires just bought all that within the last month... new points also from my local harley shop.. new condenser also..
I'm telling you......those advance weights BEHIND the points plate are a problem.

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they move free everything looks brand new
OK....then points gap, carb and intake seals. Also, where points wiring goes through cone, make sure wires aren't worn, broken or damaged.

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points gap is .029-.030.. carbs clean just went through it.. ill check the seals now i guess...
I took some starting fluid and sprayed all around the intake and no change no leaks.. I'm uploading a video now of it running... it has a new wire from the points to the coil the rest of the wiring is less then 4 to 6 months old..
Points gap should be .018, then set timing., then set up carb..Why would you choke up a good stroked shovel w a stock carb? Put a S&S Super E on it, set it up and ride...
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