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What the f%^& did I just run over?

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While enjoying the thread on "getting pulled over" and searching my memory bank for something to contribute (without success) what was popping in my head was some of the strange stuff, living or not, that I have run over during my riding. The incident that stuck out the most was back in the early 80's I was flying on a two lane in west Texas and about dusk topped a hill going 80+ and surprised two vultures enjoying some road side dinning. One got up in time, the other didn't. Hit my left hand case guard and blew up, covering my leg, engine and left side of the bike in vulture guts, feathers and oooh that smell! I was about 20 miles from the nearest town and by the time I could get to a car wash to hose me and the bike off things had set up nicely. When I got home wife threw every bit of clothing I had on in the trash, even my boots! I was spared.

So how about you? Any critter stories?
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About 25 years ago or so, I hit a black lab that was dead in the road. He was thoroughly dead and had puffed up pretty good.

Fortunately, I caught him just about dead square and cut through the middle. Dead juice went everywhere. Not one of my finest moments riding.

There was a great vulture story told here awhile back. I think it was Roy (gtrman66) . It's a good one.
I was riding on the Blue ridge parkway when I saw a Huge owl standing on the side of the road. As I was starting to pass, it took off and kind of hit me.
It got caught behind my RK's windshield and it was flapping and squaking up a storm as it tried to untangle itself.
Big long talons were everywhere. Luckily we seperated and neither of us was the worse for the wear.
Just about had a heart attack...
Hit a squirrel on the way to work this morning about a block from my house. I didn't have a lot of swerve room because of cars parked in the street but I tried. The little tree rat just tried harder to die.
Riding in Montana last year when a bear leaped out at me. Hit him square between the shoulder and the hip. We all went down. The bear died. I thought I was going to.
I have a neighborhood dog that "Tries" to get me...
Dmwphoto played slalom with a rabbit when he and I scouted the Fender Bender route.
Centered a armadillo at about 65, kinda like jumping a curb.
I hit a huge groundhog once, and I also road into a flock of doves. All were alive prior to hitting them though. Luckily I was going straight when I hit the hog.

Last year my buddy was following a bit too close to a car that was poking along, and before he had a chance to react he hit a road kill opossum. "Juices" squirted all over his right leg on his way to work. Luckily he was wearing over pants as he wears shorts at work so they got removed. He did however have to go done the street to buy a new pair of shoes.
Dmwphoto played slalom with a rabbit when he and I scouted the Fender Bender route.
Wingnut makes turtles cry............
Riding in Montana last year when a bear leaped out at me. Hit him square between the shoulder and the hip. We all went down. The bear died. I thought I was going to.
Man, it's hard to top that one! :)
Got puked on by a buzzard. No windshield or helmet. In a t-shirt. In the summer. In Texas.

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I guess that actually hit me instead of me hitting it though. I guess the worst thing I actually hit was an aluminum extension ladder that fell out of the truck that was coming at me on a two lane. Luckily I caught it pretty square on an old Yamaha 400. Went right on over it but I thought I bought it that day.

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Once riding with a buddy in farmland of eastern Pennsylvania. He was leading. This was midday on a straight piece of road. We were doing about 50 mph when I see a pheasant pop up in the field to our right. I watched as it flew directly into the side of my buddy's heat and explode in a shower of blood and feathers. How my buddy got his bike to the shoulder without dumping it I don't know. When I pulled up next to him his face was covered in blood. I thought he had been cut badly. Nope, it was pheasant blood. He had a headache the rest of the day though.
2008 I was going south on the HOV lanes I95 Virginia when a pigeon flew in front of me, turned around and hit my Sportster windshield (1st time I put it on). Hit so hard the shield bent back and smacked my helmet. When I looked in mirrors the pigeon dropped straight down dead. I was going about 70 that day.

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Years back while courting my wife I was traveling back and forth from where I worked and lived to my home town where she lived about 75 miles. I was on the road most every weekend fri night down and late Sunday night back. And maybe a few late night scrambles down and back mid week (lol). Now on this particularly freezing winter night after leaving the warmth of my future bride I was rolling north into a strong cold front down the interstate when I pulled in Behind and cozier up close to an 18 wheeler Crusing about 70 ish. Switching hands out one at a time placing one on the head of the engine till warmed up a little then the other holding the throttle left handed I was doing ok when I put my hands back in there proper positions is exactly when a dead deer the trucker had expertly straddled came out from under the truck and all I could do was take a cue from the old dirt bike riding pull hard on the bars lean back and open her up just as I hit the deer centered! Well over her I went and from that point on I rode out in the open and forgot about all that wind break following!!
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Fall of 2012...Big Bend national park in far West Texas. Riding out of the park before dawn, observing the 40 mph speed limit when a small band of javelina came from nowhere and I hit one dead in the ribs. Stopped at a Border Patrol check point a little later and the guys helped me check for damage. Nothing but hair stuck under the bike. One of the agents said I should go back and find the hog and pull some teeth to wear around my neck. I said "uh.....no.".
Riding in Montana last year when a bear leaped out at me. Hit him square between the shoulder and the hip. We all went down. The bear died. I thought I was going to.
THAT was you ? i heard about it on the radio.....
I had a seagull come up out of a ditch and it hit the top ROM of the headlight which opened it up then it slammed into my chest. I was wearing seagull guts feathers and bird sh** till I could get pulled over then to the nearest gas station with a water hose. About 25 miles down the road.
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