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I recently bought a set of 2014 harley enforcer wheels (non-abs)
My goal is to put these wheels on my 2003,vrod.
Can someone help me accomplish this task?
I do realize the stock rear wheel on the VRod is an 18"
The rear enforcer wheel is 16".
What problems does anyone see me running into due to the difference in wheel height?
The vrod front wheel is 19x3"
The enforcer wheel is 19.3.5"
Besides the axle size difference what else am I looking at to complete this swap?
Can the bearings be downsized to fit the vrod axles?

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Interesting project. I would think how the the calipers mount in relation to the new rotors would be something to look at.

Most of our v-rod folks are at 1130cc.com, a sister forum.
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