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Where to ride in Europe in late November

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I will land in Paris in late November , would like to rent and ride a Harley for a few days , I will be traveling through France , Belgium, Switzerland , and Italy. Where is the best place to ride during this season. I will have a passenger, so Im looking for a good mix of twisties and sweepers with great scenery . Does anyone have suggestions on which countries would be the best and any specific dealers to use ????

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You could try these:

Top 10 Roads : Driving Routes : Greatest Roads in Europe: View now with Ultimate Drives

The ?World's Greatest Road? Actually Sucks, Here Are Four Better Ones

However, you will notice that most of them are mountain passes in and around Switzerland.
Point 1 - The majority sport in Switzerland is skiing and you are going in late November. Think about it.
Point 2 - Switzerland is the most regulated country in Europe. They hang people for dropping litter there. Be very careful with speed limits etc.

Many years ago I read a history of Minnesota called "Bring Warm Clothes". I think that's appropriate advice here too.

If you're driving in France you should read this:

Driving in France, new laws | AA

Most of it means that if you're not wearing dayglo and carrying a breathalyser you can get stopped but there's no fine which is typical of French logic. Bear in mind though that if they stop you for not wearing a reflective vest they might just find something else to justify the effot so it's a good idea to avoid the possibility in the first place. And, they impose on-the-spot fines for most motoring offences, especially speeding. If you get stopped by a police motorcycle they can be quite "understanding" of other motorcyclists but if it's a car...

Can't advise on dealers but H-D dealers in Europe tend to be quite upmarket compared to most of the ones I've seen Stateside - lots of polished wood floors and white leather sofas kind of thing. Harley is an expensive "lifestyle" brand here, not a mode of transport.
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You are probably going to have to plan around the snow the further north, and higher altitude that you go. How far South in Italy will you be going? Etiehr way, look forward to the ride report, I am sure you will have a blast.
Careful speeding in certain countries
Finn fined $60,000 for speeding | Fox News
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