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Why so low key?

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I just wanted to share this with some of you that may have wondered why I’ve been not around steady.

I have been dealing with major health issues since Feb 2020 right before the “19” situation. I ended up in intensive care for a laundry list of items. Some which may or may have been resolved at that time.

Fast forward to current day, here is what I shared with family and friends on other social media.

So, I guess it is time for me to let everyone here know what is going on with my health.

At the end of February I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver. I spent 6 days in the hospital dealing with Ascites and low platelet counts. I had to receive a transfusion to be able to get a paracentesis so I could relieve the pressure and pain the fluid buildup was causing. My platelets never came up, but they had no choice but drain as I was struggling to breathe.

They performed the drain over 2 different days and removed close to 14 liters of fluid. That is a bit over 3 1/2 gallons for you imperial folk. That is approximately 30 lbs of weight removed from my body.

Unfortunately, the fluid buildup and drain cycle is a life long process. I was back in ER yesterday and they removed 8 liters. I now know the signs and went in before it got too bad. This will be every 2-3 weeks as an outpatient procedure until I can possibly get a transplant.

There are other things I will be discussing with the Liver Specialist that can possibly prolong the time between the drains. One of these things would be a stent in the liver, but some other tests are needed to be sure other organs can handle the stent.

I don’t put this out here for pity or sympathy, life is about choices. What troubles me is the rapid onset and lack of red flags in past doctor visits and blood work. In fact I was reviewing the hospital stay I had for a severe abdominal infection back Feb 2020. The notes all say liver, kidneys are normal.

So, I apologize if people see me as miserable or unapproachable at times, it’s not easy to mask the pain and always keep my bubbly personality . It’s not personal. Those that really know me know I’m always just a call away if they need anything.

On that note I will leave you all with this… especially you brave meat eating men in the crowd.

Listen to your body, it will tell you 99% of the time when something is wrong. Don’t be macho, don’t be a tough guy. Get yourself checked out if you have any doubts.

I love and appreciate you all. ~ Garth

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Rest In Peace, Garth. Ride on.
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