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windshield for XL883l 2015

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I have been trying to find a windshield for my new bike but most sites tell me you can't get there from here. The ones from Harley seem to cost over $300 plus mounting hardware & seem to require the turn signals to be remounted.
Why won't most windshields fit? Is there anything short of spending maybe $600?
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Gruntled, I have a take-off windshield off a 2008 XL883 custom with the harley quick releases for 200 plus shipping cost if it would fit and you are interested. PM me.
My question really is will it fit? All the listings I see are not only model specific but year specific. Even the foot peg attachments for the rear are year specific.
My wife has a 2013 xl883l and has a removable (quick release) windshield and did not have to move the signal lights. Yep, it was about $359, but the dealer included it as part of the deal.
Already tried Amazon & many other sites. They all said you can't get there from here. Actually they say this doesn't fit my bike. I don't know if there is a reason or if they just haven't tried it on my bike. I have been temped to buy one & see if I can make it fit but I hate to waste my money on something that would be useless. You have to notice that many windshields require you to also purchase separate mounting hardware & possibly even a turn signal remounting kit.
Memphis shades gradient handle bar mount windshield looks like it fits w/o remounting idk if it fits your style but it's under 200 on k&n cycles. It has a picture too. http://www.jpcycles.com/2015-harley-davidson-sportster-iron-xl883n/windshields
Idk if those are the stock bars in the picture.

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and you can go onto the Memphis Shades website and see which parts will fit your bike to ensure you are getting the right parts.
I just fitted the Gauntlet to my Sporty and I reckon about 1/2 the price of the HD 1/4 fairing that doesn't have fittings for the Custom CB anyway
That looks like it may do it. Many of them require separate mounting hardware but there are quite a few that don't. I think you may have given me what I wanted.
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