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Wiring Harness for an 82!! Please help!

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Hi y'all, just wanted to ask a question to all the gurus about wiring

So I've squired an 82 FLT Tour Glide Classic with a new S&S Evo and I was looking for the main wiring harness for it. However Harley doesn't support anything older than 84, official manuals are hard to find and I have no idea what to look for on an aftermarket site as there seems to be many options :(

Any help or guidance as to where I can continue my search would be greatly appreciated :)
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Way too easy, make'm work for it.

Thanks man, much appreciated!
Bills Custom Cycles, Bloomsburg Pa
So, despite all efforts I can't seem to find the parts I need which means I'm gonna have to do a custom harness :(

Can anyone suggest a good aftermarket wiring harness kit for an 82 shovelhead? I've come accross this - New Ultima Plus Electronic Wiring System Harness Kit Harley Chopper Bobber Rigid | eBay
However I'm not exactly sure if this will do the trick
Is the harness missing, or just in questionable condition?

Did you get a manual?

I do not think that harness will work, at least not 100%.
I have the manual on order but I do know the part no's... And it's essentially the main harness... The handlebar wiring, dash wiring an tour pak wiring is all there
Buddy and I rewired an entire Sportster years ago. The manual and auto parts store are your friend.

Google search for custom made motorcycle harness
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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