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I'm hoping someone here can help me. I am trying to put a bike back on the road. I have a Santee Soft Tail Frame with Evo and 5 speed. Same bike that is my avatar. I didn't like the looks of the bike and am trying to change it up some. Took it to an independant bike shop that works primarily on HD's. I was told by the original builder that the frame will accept parts from '84 - ' 99 HD soft tail. Well, it seems that is not the case.
So far, it seems that the only tank that will work is a Road King tank and the one we tried was from a '98. So, I am looking for a '98 Road king tank, carb style. It seems that the tunnel in the
tank is a bit wider and fits over the back bone fine and the mounts I guess will work with a little bit of fab work. The problem has been that there is the welded structure under the back bone that is the problem. It's a little wider than a stock HD configuration.
It seems that the '98 RK tank mounts will work with a little fabrication as well. Can anyone tell me what other year Road Kings have the same mounting configuration and tunnel width as the '98? The one we are using isn't mine and we just used it to see if it would work...and it will, but I need to find one that I can purchase.
Knowing what other years are the same width and mounting style would help so I could expand my search than only searching for a '98 RK carb tank. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if you have one, I'd be interested. I don't care about paint quality, but I would prefer to find one that had no dents....scratches are okay. I also need
a complete dash console, again, in great to excellent condition.
Please PM me if you have any thoughts or have these parts available.
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