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WTB Stock Exhaust pipes from 2014 Ultra CVO

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If you have take-off stock mufflers from your 2014 Ultra Classic CVO I'd like to buy them. [email protected].
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I have my stock 2014 Ultra Limited pipes.. are they the same ?
2014 Pipes

No. Pipes are different on a 2014 UC Limited 103 from the 2014 CVO Limited 110. The CVO pipes are more restricted and quite a bit quieter (which believe it or not) I'm looking for. Prefer not to be be buying batteries for a hearing aid in 10 years. The stock 2014 UC --evidenlty as one of HD's goals--was substantially louder than my previous 2010 stock pipes.
i have the ones off my 2014 Road King dont know if they will work or not
I have stock mufflers from a 2011 road king classic that were replaced before I took delivery. Probably have 4 miles on them.
CVO muffler

The same slip on mufflers are used on all of the 2014 CVO touring bikes. These are different than the mufflers used on 2014 non-CVO. If your 2014 Road King is a CVO, those mufflers would work for my 2014 Ultra Limited and I would be interested in buying them. [email protected]
How much are you willing to pay? I have access to 2014 CVO Roadking take offs.
Send me an email off-forum to discuss purchase of pipes: [email protected]
mine is not a cvo RK sorry
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