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WTS/WTT LNIB HD Hammock w/ Strap-Part Number 52000126

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WTS/WTT: A LNIB HD Hammock Seat w/ Strap. I had this mounted on my 2014 Ultra Limited for a very short period of time. Total riding time on the seat is approximately 3-4 hours. There are no rips, scratches or abrasions on this saddle. Looks exactly like a new seat coming out of the box. I'm selling as I needed to get a Tallboy instead due to my long legs. Otherwise I would be keeping this seat as it is comfortable.

WTS Price: I bought this at Kutter for $420 shipped to me. I'm selling it for $380 ORBO. You save and additional $40 then what you'd spend at Kutter.

WTT: I will do a straight up trade for a very nice set of HD Screaming Eagle Street Cannons, Part Number 64900186. I will not accept a set of these if they are scratched, missing the emblem, rusted, discolored, etc'. I know this is a long shot, but this is what I'll be spending the money on when I sell the Hammock.

Terms: Face to face if local, Paypal sent as a gift (or you pay the fees if gift is not acceptable) as well as a Postal Service Money Order. Shipment will happen the day after payment is received with tracking number provided. First "I'll take it" PM gets it.

Feel free to PM if you have questions as well.
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That's a great deal. I love mine.

PM replied too.
Pictures added!
This is Sold
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