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Xl883l handle bars

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My Wife has a the 2014 XL883L and is always ask me to adjust her handle bars. She says up then down but they are never just where she really wants them. Is there a "riser" or something that would be easy to install that might move the handle bars back closer to her but just by an inch or two. I got here riding and want her to feel really comfortable on her bike. I said easy to install because I have the mechanical abilities of a 12 year girl, and please I am not making fun of 12 year old girls. Thanks in advance
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What you are looking for are risers with a pullback. EXAMPLES <click

Unclamp the bars. Unbolt the existing mounts\riser. Mount the new risers, reclamp the bars.
Stay with 1", maybe 2" risers and no longer cables or wire extensions should be needed.
My Hugger has a good set up for reach right from factory!Handle bars different from stock risers will work:blahblah:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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